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Greg Ayres

Greg Ayres can usually be found rockin’ out somewhere, whether animated or not. From the loud-mouthed Hideki in Nerima Daikon Brothers, to Koyuki, singing with the the band in Beck:Mongolian Chop Squad, he’s always glad to shake things up a bit. He is thrilled to be able to add the roles of Uesugi Kenshin in Sengoku Basara, Seikechi Tayama in Oh Edo Rocket, and Abe in Big Windup to his list of new roles. He can also be head as Son Goku in Saiyuki, Chrono in Chrono Crusade, Kaoru Hitachiin in Ouran High School Host Club, Yuki in The Wallflower, Leo in Ghost Stories , Satoshi Hiwatari in DNAngel, Kaworu Nagisa in the Director’s Cut of Neon Genesis Evangelion, Negi Springfield in Negima, Heihachi in Samurai 7, Jr. in Xenosaga:The Animation, Tsujido in Speed Grapher, Roan in Ragnorok The Animation, Yamazaki in Welcome to the NHK, Nowy in Glass Fleet, Gau Ban in Shadow Skill, Pope Alessandro XVIII in Trinity Blood, and a bunch of other titles he’ll probably forget to mention. FUNimation recently announced Greg as Nagisa in Free!

When he’s not in a booth with headphones on, you can usually find him sporting headphones of another variety behind “the decks”. A veteran nightclub DJ of many years, Greg has really enjoyed the opportunity of doing something else that he truly loves at conventions. From packed rooms at anime conventions, to the legendary stage of The Knitting Factory (NYC), Greg never misses an opportunity to share his love of music with anyone who will listen.

BABY, The Stars Shine Bright

Established in 1988, Baby, the Stars Shine Bright is a lolita fashion clothing brand founded by Akinori and Fumiyo Isobe in Tokyo, Japan. The sister brand, Alice and the Pirates, was created in 2004. Currently, BABY, the Stars Shine Bright boasts 28 shops across Japan, with flagship stores in both Paris and San Francisco.

More Details

Akinori Isobe

Akinori Isobe improved his skills at “ATSUKI OONISHI” and “45RPM studio”. And then, in 1988, he established BABY THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT. The concept of the BABY brand is dresses for girls who wore cute-kawaii clothes decorated with pretty lace & frill, and dreamed of becoming beautiful Princesses when they were little girls. In 2004, Akinori Isobe established sister brand “ALICE and THE PIRATES”. BABY has flagship shops not only in Japan but also in Paris, France and San Francisco, USA.

Masumi Kano

Designer at BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT, Masumi Kano started working for BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT as a designer, after she graduated from Bunka Women's College.

Sonny Strait

Sonny Strait

Sonny Strait is a prolific voice actor who is best-known for roles such as Maes Hughes in Fullmetal Alchemist and Arsène Lupin III, in addition to Krillin in DBZ. Sonny is also known as an illustrator for one of the most famous, independently published comic book series Elfquest. Sonny Strait has over 20 years of experience in the arts.

Besides Krillin, Hughes, and Lupin, Sonny has worked on many popular animated characters including Usopp from One Piece and Cartoon Network’s laid back, robot host Toonami Tom. He has also worked as a writer and director on several TV series including Dragonball Z, Case Closed and Lupin the Third.

DC Douglas

D.C. Douglas

D.C. Douglas will forever be known as either the sinister voice of Albert Wesker (“Resident Evil”), screaming “Chriiiisssss” as he melts in a lava lake, or as the soulful voice of Legion in the “Mass Effect” series, pulling on the heartstrings of fans around the world. These roles are a far cry from his other roles, such as the persnickety alien Zepht in “Star Trek: Enterprise” or the logical autobot Chase on Discovery Family’s “Transformers: Rescue Bots.” And we can’t forget him as Bud in “Sharknado 2.” In addition to his extensive character voice over work (see below for highlights) you’ve heard him on over 300 radio & TV commercials. You may also have seen him on “NCIS,” “2 Broke Girls,” “Workaholics,” “Charmed,” Criminal Minds,” “Castle,” “Star Trek: Enterprise” and many more TV shows. D.C. has been in many indie films you’ve never heard of, but Albert Wesker fans should check out “Apocalypse Kiss” if they want to see him with blonde hair and a tan.

Caitlin Glass

Caitlin Glass

A voice actress and ADR director, best known for the role of Winry Rockbell in Fullmetal Alchemist, Caitlin has been working in the anime industry since 2004. Recent roles include Zessica in Aquarion: EVOL, Arisa in Guilty Crown, Pepe Lima in Michiko & Hatchiin, Magnolia in Last Exile: Fam, The Silver Wing, Hinata in Future Diary, Lithia in Tenchi Muyo: War on Geminar, and Bel Peol in Shana seasons 2 & 3. Well known characters include: Cammy in the Street Fighter IV games, Evergreen in Fairy Tail, Hannah Annafellows in Black Butler II, Phryne in Fractale, Satelizer el Bridget in Freezing, Hiyono in Spiral, Maya Ibuki in the Neon Genesis Evangelion reboot movies, Miria in Baccano, Miss Anderson in Shin-chan, Momochi in Level E, Nerine in Shuffle!, Otohime in Okamisan, Saras in Is This a Zombie?, Saya in Black Cat, Sumomo in Sergeant Frog, Triela in Gunslinger Girl, Vivi in One Piece (FUNimation), and Yakumo in School Rumble. Caitlin directed the widely popular fan-favorite, Ouran High School Host Club, as well as playing Haruhi Fujioka. Other directing credits include Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Chaos Head, Gunslinger Girl- Il Teatrino, Linebarrels of Iron, Murder Princess, Suzuka and FUNimation’s One Piece. Caitlin can’t wait to meet all of you and make some wonderful new memories! You can follow her at @caitlinsvoice on Twitter.

Alexis Tipton

Alexis Tipton has been working in the anime industry for more than six years and has loved every minute of it. She can be heard in over 80 titles so far with more announcements on the way. Some of her credits include Saya Kisaragi (Blood C), Moka Akashiya (Rosario+Vampire), Inori Yuzuriha/Mana Ouma (Guilty Crown), Rika Shiguma (Haganai), Julia Crichton (FMA: The Sacred Star of Milos), Musubi (Sekirei), Mizuki Himeji (Baka and Test), Yomi Isayama (Ga-Rei: Zero), Sun Seto (My Bride is a Mermaid), Yamada’s Eros Deity (B Gata H Kei), Laila Seiren (Hero Tales), Kaori Tanaka (Shiki), Emi Kizaki (Linebarrels of Iron), Shizuku Ishiki (King of Thorn), Chibi Japan/Kumajiro (Hetalia), and many more.

On top of anime dub work, her voice can also be heard in a handful of video games and foreign live action film dubs. She has also provided vocals for character songs and a few of FUNimation's trailers. She has been a stage actress most of her life and has just recently begun a new acting adventure in film. Alexis is represented by The Horne Agency. Twitter: @AlexisTiptonVA

Chris Patton

Chris Patton

Chris Patton has been Voice Acting in Anime for well over 13 years for almost every company imaginable, including ADV Films, FUNimation Entertainment, Sentai Filmworks, and Okratron 5000. His most famous roles include Sousuke Sagara in all the Full Metal Panic series, Greed in Fullmetal Alchemist and Brotherhood, Akuto Sai in Demon King Daimao, Asura in Soul Eater, Keima in The World God Only Knows, Ikki in Air gear, Sho in Guyver, Fakir in Princess Tutu, Nishi in Gantz, and Turles in Dagonball Z: The Tree of Might. Some more of his Anime credits include: Inu X Boku SS, Phi Brain: Puzzle of God, Hajime in Ghost Stories, Ayato in RahXephon, Daley Wong in Bubblegum Crisis 2040, Ranmaru in The Wallflower, Eiji in Gravion and Gravion Zwei, Haruka in Tactics, Graham Spector in Baccano, Komyo Sanzo in Saiyuki, Gintoki in the Gintama movie, Hiroki in The Place Promised in Our Early Days, and tons and tons more! Chris is also a stage performer, a music freak, a horror film nerd, a roller coaster guru, and a huge fan of Sharon Needles, Freddie Mercury, and Aleister Crowley.

Laura Post

Laura Post

Originally from the Chicagoland area, Laura Post now lives in Los Angeles and spends her time voice acting (of course!), playing RPGs (both video game and table top variety), and trolling karaoke bars. Laura's best known voice credits include Ahri in League of Legends, Valentine in Skullgirls, and Rosalia in Sword Art Online. Other roles include Queen Azshara and Shademaster Kiryn in World of Warcraft, Aero in Firefall, Bosbos in Redline, Cindy Campbell in Squid Girl, and Arfoire & CFW Magic in the Hyperdimension Neptunia franchise. Laura has also provided voices for characters in Guild Wars 2, Planetside 2, Heroes of Newert, Ragnarok Online 2, and Lord of the Rings Online.


Johnny Yong Bosch

Johnny Yong Bosch made his debut as Adam, the Black Ranger on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. He appeared in over 200 episodes and both big screen versions of the series. He's also known for his voice work as Vash in Trigun, Kaneda in Akira, Reiji in Gate Keepers, Claus in Last Exile, Clair in Heat Guy J, Sakaki in Witch Hunter Robin, Mike in Please Twins and Kiba in Wolf's Rain. Johnny has recently completed his directorial debut on a live action horror film called Devon's Ghost with Artist View Entertainment. Aside from acting and directing Johnny has an alternative rock band called Eyeshine.

Anna Ito

Anna Ito 伊藤杏奈 &

Artist Anna Ito's homecountry Japan is an island country surrounded by the ocean. Her childhood dream was to fly across the ocean, and see the world. She realized her dream, and traveled around the world. She has met many people who have different culture, common sense, and skin color. This experience broadened her outlook remarkably. She found out that accepting differences without bullying & discrimination does open the door to the world.

Last summer Anna Ito opened International Art Center in the middle of cornfield in Clinton Iowa. Old peaceful farm house is Art Center with Jewelry Boutique. 10 acre backyard is golf driving range... nothing fancy yet, but peaceful and heart-warming. Peace requires courage. We need courage to protect people we love. Anna Ito's dream now is to establish peaceful world through her art.

Music Guests

Steam Powered Giraffe

Two Shows! Both Friday AND Saturday! - Steam Powered Giraffe Performance FAQ
The robots of Steam Powered Giraffe are like nothing you've ever seen. The malfunctioning joke-spewing metal men play a collection of original Vaudeville inspired tunes fused with modern flare and executed in a super-sleek, one-of-a-kind performance. More than just a band, Steam Powered Giraffe is an experience that must be seen and heard by the entire family.

The artists behind the robots started street busking as these quirky characters in January 2008 at Balboa Park, California, and instantly drew the attention of Southern California. Since then they've performed at such venues as The San Diego Fair, The San Diego Zoo, The Wild Animal Park, Legoland, Ontario Mills, and numerous Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Steampunk Conventions.

The act combines the visual of robot pantomime with sketches, pop culture references, improvised comedic dialogue, and of course, original music. From their heartwarming nostalgic melodies to their funky cabaret rock, Steam Powered Giraffe's songs are memorable, infectious, and as unique as the robots themselves.



Formed in 2004 by front man Johnny Yong Bosch and Maurice Salmin, Eyeshine first found success in 2006 with a unique blend of pop punk and post grunge called Edge Rock. The band gained a modest audience with its debut EP, "How About That" and their first full length album, "Red Stripes White Lights" but it was their sophomore effort, "My Paper Kingdom" that officially opened the flood gates in 2009. MPK featured their award winning song, "ALONE," whose honest and simple lyrics made a connection to a steadily growing fan base. The band has continued to self produced 7 more albums: "Tone Of Echoes" (features the Elfenworks Foundation sponsored song "Hope Is So Far Away"), "Afterglow" (acoustic album), "Sonosis" (instrumental album), "Sansvox" (karaoke album), "XMAS" (Christmas album), their latest album "Revolution Airwaves," and their latest acoustic album "Like Yesterday."

Eyeshine won the worldwide Ford sponsored competition "Gimme The Gig II" in May 2012. They recorded a single and filmed a music video with the Legendary Don Was (President of Blue Note Records and 7 time Grammy Award winning Producer - Rolling Stones, Elton John, John Mayer, etc) and Krish Sharma (Producer/Engineer - The Rolling Stones, Counting Crows, Hilary Duff, Jesse McCartney, etc) out of the "Ford Focus Studio." Which is a Mobile Studio that was built into a Ford Focus by "Mad" Mike Martin (Pimp My Ride). KTLA (West Coast News Stations affiliated with The CW TV Network), filmed and aired the one-hour special on west coast television (KTLA, KTVU, and KICU).

Band members include: Johnny Yong Bosch (guitar and lead vocals), Maurice Salmin (drums, piano, vocals), Polo Yazaki (lead guitar), and GInny Eck (bass, violin, vocals).

Frenchy and the Punk

Frenchy and the Punk

A cauldron of foot-stompin' bohemian cabaret folk, world, French chanson,`80s punk, dash of vaudeville charm, steampunk flair and pixie spirit. Imagine Django Reinhardt, the White Stripes, Johnny Ramone, Siouxsie Sioux and Edith Piaf jamming together at an event hosted by Deepak Chopra and Toulouse Lautrec. This is what it might sound like. A sultry French-born singer, percussionist and a fiery punk rock guitarist from the golden days of the hardcore scene formed Frenchy and the Punk in 2005. The unlikely pairing has since released 6 full-length CDs, produced a live concert DVD and have performed all across the U.S. and in Europe. In May 2012, Yahoo Music called them one of the top 25 duos in the US.

Listen on Youtube • Steampunk PixieHouse of Cards

Pillow Cases

The Pillowcases

The Pillowcases are the number one Pillows cover band in the world. For many, that's all we need to say. But if not, let me ask: do you like FLCL? Of course you do. And that means you like the band the Pillows, who made the soundtrack for that anime. The Pillowcases are on a mission to rock out every con in the country and spread the joy of the music of the Pillows to everyone. Along the way, you'll hear covers of some of nerd fandom's favorite songs just to mix things up a bit. So get your butts down to see the show, it's going to be awesome.

Listen on Youtube • Ohayocon Footage

Raj Ramayya

Raj Ramayya

Raj Ramayya is an Indo-Canadian singer, composer and lyricist based in Marin County, California. His claim to anime fame would be his musical collaborations with famed Japanese composer Yoko Kanno as a member of The Seatbelts. Raj sang the opening credits song "Ask DNA" and wrote the lyrics for "Cosmic Dare (Pretty with a Pistol)" from the fan favourite feature film Cowboy Bebop: the Movie, and both sang and wrote the lyrics for "Strangers" from the anime series Wolf's Rain. Not limited to music in anime, he has also worked on songs for video games from the likes of Konami, Sega, and Capcom.

Raj has been featured as a guest vocalist/composer with several distinguished artists, ranging from talented composers Yoko Kanno (Escaflowne, Cowboy Bebop, Wolf's Rain) and Tatsuya Oe (Captain Funk, Hotei), to gifted lyricists Chris Mosdell (Eric Clapton, YMO) and Ron Sexsmith, and everyone in-between. His work has won him multiple awards and critical acclaim from around the world.

Among his other projects are the electronic Indian fusion music project "Bhang Lassi", the alternative Indian-influenced folk rock band "The Beautiful Losers", and session singing for products ranging from Asahi Beer and KFC, to Toyota and Coca-Cola. He is also a guest vocalist with three different Japanese electronic music groups; Captain Funk, Akakage, and Studio Apartment, with SA's song "Strawberry Rainbow" (which Raj both sung and wrote lyrics for) hitting #1 on the iTunes Japan charts! Raj is excited to be coming to Anime Midwest for the first time and can't wait to meet everyone!
For more information, you can visit him online at

V is for Villains

V is for Villains

V is for Villains is a nationally touring, high energy electronic rock band originating from Chicago, IL. A group of highly skilled stage performers, the band blends original music with colorful costuming and back stories to create characters with a comic book and sci-fi genre feel. Well known throughout the country for their stylized performances at major venues like The House of Blues, The Hard Rock Cafe and Chicago's Metro just to name a few, V is for Villains is also in high demand at comic book and anime conventions. V is for Villains, is led by front man and lead vocalist Mr. Agitator, and is joined on stage by the likes of Fallon Flynn on guitar and Vex on keyboards and female lead vocals. This is one show you don’t want to miss!

Dr. Awkward
Dr. Awkward is a Nerdcore rapper with several hit songs and performances at Nerdapalooza and after parties at Comic Con, Florida's Nerd Invasion, and Texas' Comicpalooza. In 2009, Dr. Awkward released his first solo project "Next Gen," in which Doc proclaims that he is the future of Nerdcore Hip Hop. The EP was hailed as an instant classic, with hits like "Geekquilibrium" and "Imposter." Dr. Awkward release his latest album, "Unlimited" in April 2010, which features an amazing fusion of Nerdcore, Hip Hop, and R&B.

YTCracker is a rapper, former cracker, and Internet entrepreneur. YTCracker began producing rap music in 1998 in the genre that has since become known as nerdcore hip hop. YTCracker is a self-proclaimed “jack of all trades”, also making a name for himself as a professional disc jockey, computer programmer, graphics designer and webmaster.

Unfortunately due to a scheduling conflict, I Fight Dragons can not attend in 2014. They are very sorry that they can not make it this year, and they hope to attend in the future.

Internet Guests

Curtis “Takahata101” Arnott (Team Four Star)

Discovered buried in a block of ice up in the Northwest Territories of North-North America (otherwise known domestically as Canadia), Curtis “Takahata101” Arnott (otherwise known as Internet Hearthrob Takahashi~) was brought into this world with the soul intention of spreading laughter and protecting his heartland. After acclimating to the world of today and putting on his first pair of women's jeans, he became Captain North-North America (again known domestically as Captain Canadia) and aimed to be a world renowned voice actor, entertainer, and cosplayer! He is currently a co-creator, co-writer and voice actor for Team Four Star, as well as a voice for many other parody series. His most notable roles include Nappa, Bardock and Super Kami Guru, along with many other DragonBall Z Abridged characters, along with Dartz and Krump in YGOTAS. His professional gigs include the Sake Sake monster in the dub of ZETTAI MUTEKI RAJIN-OH and the Soldiers in Dust an Elysian Tail.

Scott “KaiserNeko” Frerichs (Team Four Star)

American playboy, industrialist, editor, and thousandaire playboy Scott “KaiserNeko” Frerichs took the internet anime parody landscape by storm in the late 2000s with the premiere of TeamFourStar. After being kidnapped by a group of foreign and domestic terrorists (Curtis Arnott and Nick Landis respectfully) he was forced to develop the project in a cave, with a box of scraps. Over the years, however, he has advanced the production to greater heights than any of them imagined. Besides being a co-founder, co-writer, and editor, he provides the voices for King Kai, Trunks, Burter, Korin ,Yajirobe, Garlic Jr., Zarbon, and various side characters in DBZ Abridged. He's also provided voices for indie videogame projects and the professional MOBA-game Heroes of Newerth.

Nick "Lanipator" Landis (Team Four Star)

After being forged in Asgard, Nick "Lanipator" Landis was deemed too powerful to be contained! Thus, he was banished to Earth, where he became an Actor/Entertainer destined to make people laugh and fill them with joy. From an early age he honed his vocal skill and acting prowess through many a lesson and play. He would go on to be better known as one of the co-creators co-writers and co-stars of Team Four Star's Dragon Ball Z Abridged (In which he plays Vegeta, Piccolo, Krillin, Shenron, Mr.Popo and others). He has also lent his vocal talents professionally to MOBA-game Heroes of Newearth. Nick shall continue to refine himself and his craft until he is deemed once again worthy of returning to Asgard under the banner of Lanipathor!

Doug Walker

Doug Walker

Doug Walker, from is best known for his character The Nostalgia Critic, who reviews bad movies and TV shows from childhood. He also plays the roles of That Guy With The Glasses, who answers the weirdest questions fans can come up with, Chester A. Bum, the hyper active bum who loves every movie ever made, and Dominic, a bar tender who has talked with the video game world's biggest stars. He's also noted for having a long standing "rivalry" with The Angry Video Game Nerd. His online shows averages one to two hundred thousand viewers a week. His fans include Roger Ebert, Paul Dini, and the creators of Animaniacs. He's appeared on PBS, Entrepreneur Magazine, New York Times, has worked with the stars of Mystery Science Theater 3000, and was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year at the 4th Annual Mashable Awards in 2010. Often his convention appearances end up turning into comedic videos featured on his site, so don't miss your chance to possibly be featured in one.


Brian Heinz

Brian Heinz aka The Last Angry Geek has spent most of his life reviewing comic books and Dr. Who. Luckily for him in the last five years he's been able to do professionally as part of the internet juggernaut Channel Awesome. He's created such characters as The Reviewer and Lord Stark for his shows. And he's appeared in several internet movies from Suburban Knights, where he was covered head to toe in black cloaks to To Boldly Flee, where he broke out his Obi-Wan Kenobi impression. Unfortunately he's not able to talk about that as he's currently being sued by Alec Guinness's estate. He's also guest starred on such shows as Demo Reel, but the less said about that the better.


Malcolm Ray

Malcolm Ray is an actor, on screen and as a voice over artist. His skills go beyond acting with professional training in film and video as his major at Columbia College Chicago. In the span of his Bachelor career at Columbia, Malcolm has successfully completed his Interdisciplinary Film Degree, been the casting director for a practicum film, interned at O'Connor Casting, and has begun a professional acting career. Malcolm effectively made use of his elective credits, taking courses in Columbia's Radio and Theatre Departments including; Voice Over, Voice Acting For Animation,Radio Production, Voice 1 and more. He is represented as talent at the Stewart Talent agency in Chicago. As a freelance actor, he is currently hired talent for the online production company "Channel Awesome", appearing long side Doug Walker in many episodes of "Nostalgia Critic."

Tamara Chambers

Tamara Chambers

Tamara is originally from California, the land of In N Out and Sunshine. She now lives in Chicago and despite the snow demons, she loves it. Tamara was recently brought onto Channel Awesome as an actress on Nostalgia Critic. She loves the NC crew and is pretty stoked about all the characters that are thrown at her (Sexy Dorothy anyone?). She graduated from The Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts, an acting conservatory, and has been heavily involved in the theater scene in Chicago since moving there in 2011. Tamara spends her time slinging jokes on any stand up comedy stage that will let her up and playing RPGs on her couch with her two cats (my cat, Ike, just really likes Fallout 3, ok?). Anime Midwest is her first con and she can’t wait to jump right in!


Orlando Belisle

Orlando Belisle Jr. began his acting in front of a camera, on the Nostalgia Critic's Christmas Special, "You're a Rotten Dirty Bastard", and has since continued to make guest appearances on the site, such as the villainous Malachite from "Suburban Knights", a guardsman from "To Boldly Flee", as well as the sell-out producer Peter Soulless. He even made his movie debut as Vladamir Jackson in the full-length independent film, "The Cinema Snob Movie". He currently holds a 2nd Degree black belt in Karate, and is co-owner of a coffee shop called "All Around Cafe" in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin.

Jason Laws

Jason Laws

Let's all welcome The Drudgeon (better known as Jason Laws) to the bio page. Talent just flows from his every pore and he is world famous (well at least he thinks so) for his work on He has had starring roles in To Boldly Fee, Demo Reel, The Nostalgia Critic and Dragonbored (actually he's usually in the background and flubbing his lines). Other than that he writes for where he reviews horror movies (his one true love) from the greats to the terrible and everything in-between. Lastly he is a huge fan of Adventure Time and appears with Mr. Walker on the Adventure Time Vlogs (poor Doug). When dealing with him it's best to approach The Drudgeon as if he were an animal at the zoo. Look at him in all his beauty, but don't feed him and for the love of god don't get too close because you don't know what strange diseases he may have.

Jori Laws

Jori Laws

Born and raised in the Philippines, Jori is probably the whitest looking Asian you will meet. She is the co-founder of Forced Viewing, a website dedicated to reviewing, discussing, and covering all things horror. When she isn't working her little heart out for, she can be found ruining everyone's fun as the angry mom in Suburban Knights. Unsatisfied with just one cameo, she has expanded her "career" with other guest appearances on including Demo Reel, To Boldly Flee, Nostalgia Critic, and Dragonbored. When she isn't living and breathing horror, she is usually curled up on her couch obsessing over Korean Dramas.

Rob Walker

Rob Walker

Rob Walker is a co-writer, cameraman, and performer in the hit online series Nostalgia Critic. He is also a film reviewer along with his brother Doug on the online show Sibling Rivalry. As VP of Channel Awesome, he rules with an iron fist, harsh ideals, and a dinosaur mask sometimes. Always funny, often cynical, and usually wearing a costume combining Santa Claus and Jesus. Come see a man of such insanity and bizarrely confusing issues that he was actually dumb enough to let his brother write his profile for him. Doug rules!

Jim Jarosz

James Jarosz

James (Jim) Jarosz, studied film and animation at Columbia College in Chicago back in the mid 90s. He has work on several indie films from acting to camera and sound to props and practical effects. Jim has been a featured extra in a few major motion pictures including Road to Perdition and Public Enemies. He has worked for Channel Awesome for the past five years in several capacities. More notably, as Doug Walker’s photoshop guy and camera man for Nostalgia Critic, and as Quinn the camera man on Demo Reel. The past year Jim has made several props and costumes for the NC and even a bit of animation. He is also prop master and set designer for many of Channel Awesome’s up coming new shows.


Lewis "Linkara" Lovhaug

Lewis "Linkara" Lovhaug has had the misfortune of being cursed to review comic books on the internet. Somehow this has made him popular on the website That Guy With the Glasses, though many suspect it’s more so people can stare and laugh at the weirdo. On his show, Atop the Fourth Wall, he regularly contends with the surreal, the stupid, and the senseless books that the comic industry has produced over the last eighty years. If that wasn’t sad enough, he also has done a retrospective on Power Rangers (released on the schedule of when a blue moon rises on the 13th hour of the 13th day of the 13th month), actually attempting to grant serious analysis to a series about guys in spandex punching rubber-suited monsters. It’s best not to make direct eye contact with him.

Brad Jones

Brad Jones

Brad Jones is an actor/writer/director best known for portraying The Cinema Snob on and For the past 7 years, The Cinema Snob has comedically reviewed the cheapest and schlockiest of exploitation cinema. From shot on video masterpieces like "Black Devil Doll From Hell" to the most erotic in adult entertainment like "ET The Porno;" there's nothing too crazy for The Cinema Snob. Other series created by Jones include 80's Dan, a spoof of sitcoms from that magical decade, Brad Tries in which Brad samples various foods and drinks from around the world, and Midnight Screenings in which Brad and company review new release films directly after attending their pr-screenings.

Brad has also wrote and directed 5 full length movies over the past 10 years, including the thrillers "Freak Out," "Cheap," and "Midnight Heat," the gamer comedy "Game Boys," and the campy crime comedy "The Hooker with a Heart of Gold." He has also starred in the psychological thriller "Paranoia," and the comedy "The Cinema Snob Movie" based on his popular series. Both films are directed by Ryan Mitchelle (TV's "Leverage," "Flash Gordon").

Comic Guests

Russell Lissau

Russell Lissau

By day, Russell Lissau is a mild-mannered newspaper reporter in suburban Chicago. By night, he battles evil writing comic books including THE BATMAN STRIKES!, SHREK, STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE and DAILY GRIND. He broke into comics in 2005 with the lead story in BATMAN ALLIES SECRET FILES AND ORIGINS. (A lifelong Batman fan who dressed up as the Caped Crusader as a child, he can’t believe his luck.) His most recent projects include short stories in the highly regarded independent series OMEGA COMICS PRESENTS, the self-published western ONE LAST THING and the upcoming graphic novel OLD WOUNDS. To learn more, check out

Steve Horton

Steve Horton

Two-time Harvey-nominated writer of comics: Amala's Blade for DARK HORSE PRESENTS, soon to be a miniseries in 2013, One Giant Step for READING WITH PICTURES, Bizarro for SUPERMAN 80-PAGE GIANT and Captain Marvel for DC HOLIDAY SPECIAL.

Steve Wallace

Steve Wallace is a writer, artist and letterer living in Columbus, OH. His work has been featured in Omega Comics Presents, Sequential Suicide and Reading With Pictures. He has also produced a number of mini-comics and will have a new four issue series GALAXY DRIFT releasing in 2015. See more of his work at

Trevor Mueller

Trevor Mueller works at an advertising agency by day, and writes comics by night. His latest project is ALBERT THE ALIEN, appearing on Mark Waid's THRILLBENT site. He has also self-published several other works including including Junkyard Chase, The Fan, and Los Ojos. He has also contributed stories to several anthologies, including HOPE: THE HERO INITIATIVE from Ronin Studios and READING WITH PICTURES from the non-profit of the same name. He is also the writer/artist/creator of several award-winning webcomic series (, and regularly reviews movies, video games, and comics. Trevor gives lectures and presentations throughout the country at conventions and schools on several topics, including the power of combining creativity and literacy. Trevor currently lives in Chicago with his wife, Beth, and his cat, Waffles.

And More

Sleeping Samurai

Sleeping Samurai

Sleeping Samurai travels across the land with its supply of weapons, seeking out brave souls to test themselves in battle. They offer instruction, history, and fight choreography in addition to the thrill of combat. Whether you prefer the forms of the Crusader or the Samurai, only one can win the grand prize. Sleeping Samurai is a supplier and creator of hand made foam weapons, made to simulate actual weapons with as much historical accuracy as possible.

Samurai Dan

Samurai Dan & Lady Jillian

Samurai Dan and his wife, the beautiful Lady Jillian, are masters of marital... erm... martial mayhem, and full-time martial arts instructors, specializing in 16th century Samurai arts. When not teaching at their dojo, the Kojokan, they travel across the country performing and teaching the ancient ways of the most famous warriors in history. Their shows and demonstrations uniquely blend history, combative skill, and humor, in a way that will both educate and entertain audiences both large and small. The dynamic duo also collaborated to write, direct, host, and star in a 12 episode TV series entitled "The Way of the Samurai," and Daniel is also an author with several martial arts articles published, and he is currently working on his second full-length novel.


Ick by Industrialkitty

Ick by Industrialkitty is a classic Lolita style clothing line independently manufactured in Chicago, IL. Ick offers a wide variety of sweet hand-made Lolita items to meet your tea-time needs! You can see and experience Ick's designs and styles at Anime Midwest's Independent Designer's fashion show on Sunday morning.

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mossbadger is an independent clothing and textiles company, specializing in silk-screened and digitally printed designs. Their limited edition garments and accessories are influenced by symbology, folklore, history, and magic. You can see and experience mossbadger's designs and styles at Anime Midwest's Independent Designer's fashion show on Sunday morning.

Victorian Angel

Victorian Angel

Victorian Angel by Amy Marie Couture is an alternative line of clothing that is influenced by Japanese Lolita fashion including other elements of JFashion sub cultures. Amy Marie Couture fashion is designed by local Chicago designer Amy Fenderson. Amy has a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Fashion Design from Columbia College Chicago. Her designs have been chosen to showcase in Chicago Fashion Focus Week and has been recognized by the Driehaus Awards for Fashion Excellence and the Chicago Fashion Incubator. As a professional seamstress in the Industry, the Victorian Angel Collection is carefully constructed with an eye for detail. The Victorian Angel Collection has something that will appeal to every woman, Lolita or not.

Paradise Rose

Paradise Rose

Paradise Rose Shop is a Japanese-style accessory brand that offers a variety of pieces for different genres of lolita fashion. It is where princesses come to find unique and colorful jewelry. Paradise Rose offers pieces such as the iconic cupcake jewelry with handsculpted roses and the handcrafted gothic leather crowns. The idea behind the workings of Paradise Rose is to provide lolitas with handmade, inexpensive jewelry and accessories that compliment the Lolita wardrobe and complete the outfit. Jewelry can be an excellent way to make a coordination's canvas become your very own masterpieces. Each piece is handmade by local Chicago artist Lina Rauchas, resulting in one-of-a-kind pieces that belong to you alone. As Paradise is a place where one can find happiness and bliss, Paradise Rose Shop hopes that you can find your own piece of paradise.

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