Do you like playing board games and tabletop games with your friends in Chicago? Anime Midwest is the home of games like Dungeons and Dragons Chicago, and all kinds of tabletop gaming like Warhammer in Chicago.

Tabletop and Board Gaming

Miniatures, Warhammer, and DND

Embark on a mesmerizing journey through the diverse world of tabletop and board gaming, right here at our illustrious anime convention! Whether you're a seasoned strategist or just setting out on your gaming adventure, there's something captivating awaiting you at every corner.

Dive deep into the intricate realms of miniatures, where each piece tells a tale of legendary battles and mythical lands. For the ardent fans of Warhammer, experience the grandeur of colossal armies clashing, where each decision can tip the balance of the cosmic war. Relive the allure and charm of age-old confrontations, brought to life with exquisitely detailed figurines and expansive landscapes.

For our Dungeons and Dragons aficionados, prepare to be whisked away into the rich tapestries of fantasy realms. Join fellow adventurers as you navigate treacherous terrains, face formidable foes, and revel in the magic of storytelling at its finest. Whether you're a brave knight or a cunning rogue, there's a tale waiting to be woven, with you at its heart.

So, come forth and immerse yourself in a universe where every roll of the dice holds untold promise. The world of tabletop and board gaming beckons, promising countless hours of thrilling escapades and heart-pounding narratives. Ready your armies, sharpen your wits, and let the games begin!

What to expect?

We release a convention schedule about 1 month before the convention, which includes any tabletop gaming activities that we have for that year. Our offerings vary from year to year, but we are working on increasing the number of Role Playing Games, Miniatures, and more that we have at all our events.

Video Games

Yes we also have Video Gaming in Chicago for people who want to compete in the latest console video game tournaments. Our event also includes arcade games and more.

Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping gaming experience at Anime Midwest's Game Tournaments! Our convention brings together passionate gamers from all over to compete in exciting tournaments featuring a variety of popular games. While the specific lineup of games may not be determined until a few weeks prior to the convention, we always strive to include fan favorites like Super Smash Brothers.

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