Privacy Policy

Chrono Pop LLC recognizes that privacy is important, and so we have developed this policy to outline our privacy practices and the information we collect.

This policy applies to all websites and services operated and offered by Chrono Pop LLC ("services"). If a particular product has additional privacy practices, you will find those along with that product.

Information We Collect
When you use our services we collect a variety of information. Some of this includes nonpersonal information that we aggregate and use to provide better services, such as which type of browser you are using or your IP address. We also collect from you information you provide to us on forms, information on which pages you visit most, information on transactions you have with us, and information we obtain while verifying information you provide to us.

We may use the information you provide with us in a number of ways. These include rendering and displaying the webpages you request, providing you with a particular service, improving our services, maintaining our services and our security, research, analysis, auditing, complying with legal requirements, presenting advertisements, and more.

We do not sell, rent, or give away your personal information, except in the course of doing the business and services we provide. We may, however, allow our partners to use personal information when related to or required to provide you with a particular service you request. We typically process information on well protected servers in the United States of America.
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