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Full 3-Day Ticket
June 28 - Sep 10, 2024
Full 3-Day Ticket
September 10 - Dec 10, 2024
Full 3-Day Ticket
December 10 - Jan 10, 2025
Full 3-Day Ticket
January 10 - Apr 10, 2025
Full 3-Day Ticket
April 10 - May 30, 2025
Full 3-Day Ticket
May 30 - Jun 10, 2025
Full 3-Day Ticket
June 10 - 20, 2025
Full 3-Day Ticket
June 20 - Jul 6, 2025
June 28 - 29, 2025

The convention dates: July 4 - 6, 2025

One day only: $40 Friday, $50 Saturday, or $40 Sunday
Anime Discount
Badge Pickup Hours
Thursday: 5pm - 7pm
Friday: 10am - 8pm
Saturday: 10am - 6:30pm
Sunday: 10am - 3pm

Why pre-register for Anime Midwest?
Anime Midwest is going to be one of the biggest conventions to come to Chicago. Not only do we have several amazing voice actors, we also have a rave dance each night, a Formal Fantasy Ball on Friday, and free Rice, Ramen, and Soda all weekend in our free ConSweet. We have tons of unique programming, including a date auction, special anime screenings, DDR machines, and so much more. We work hard to put on one of the most fun, event-filled weekends possible. When you pre-register, you save time in line at the convention, and you save money at the same time.

Do I have to pre-register?
Anime Midwest has a limited number of tickets available. You may be required to pre-register to get one! If we have tickets left, we will sell them at the door, but we might not, so check our website regularly. This year we do not expect we'll be able to sell more than our limited number of badges.

What is Platinum registration?
Platinum registration lets you pay a little more to register in exchange for a whole lot of great perks. Platinum registration is $150. Learn more on our platinum FAQ.

When should I pre-register?
The sooner you register, the lower the admission price you pay. Online pre-registration is a very easy and quick way to pay. Many people register as early as possible to save as much as they can, but some also wait until they can be certain they know that they are able to attend the convention. We recommend registering as early as you can, because your early registration helps us plan a bigger and better weekend.

What do I get for registering?
Your registration gives you access to the entire amazing convention, which includes a weekend of over 50 different events, access to our massive exhibit hall, panels with our guests of honor, access to our video screening rooms, access to our video gaming room, and access to everything else. Most of our events are included in your badge price! (We sometimes have special events like Escape Rooms, Maid Cafes, etc, that require an extra ticket). Your registration pays for the special guests of honor you can meet (flights are expensive!), audiovisual technology for our main stage, scheduled events, equipment, and everything that goes into putting an entire weekend of events together. Every con event has a lot of costs such as renting the venue, renting equipment, microphones, projectors, safety staff, and your registrations make these individual events in the convention possible.

What payment methods are accepted?
Tickets purchased on-site are Cash Only, so please bring cash if you wish to register onsite. Online registration can be paid conveniently by card. Online registration does not close when the event begins, so if you want to register on the day of the convention, you can do so online.

What is Kids Free Sunday?
Children under 13 can get into the convention for FREE on Sunday, with the purchase of a paid adult admission. Limit 2 children per adult. Children under 13 must be with an adult at all times.

What is a badge?
A badge is a plastic/paper card with your name and registration ticket number that lets you into convention events. You can pick up this badge, with a lanyard to wear it, at the registration desk when you get to the convention. The conference badge grants access to all events of the convention, but use of the badge is subject to all terms, conditions, and rules of the convention. Attending is a privilege, and badges can be revoked without refund for violation of the rules at any time by convention staff.

Is there a group discount?
Yes, when 10 people or more register as a group (such as an anime club) you can get 10% off the current registration price per person. This happens automatically! Simply add ten people who are over 13 years old, and you'll see the discount applied. All ten registrations must be paid for together online with a credit card using the same account (or with an official school check for school groups). Email with questions.

Is there a discount for children?
Yes. For weekend tickets, children from 7 to 12 can get a weekend ticket for $10 off the price for adults, or they can get in free on Sunday. Children under 13 must be accompanied by a supervisory adult who also purchases a ticket at the full adult weekend price (max 2 children per adult). The $10 discount can be done online or at the door, but they must be purchased at the same time (not separately). There is no discount for single day registration for children, except for kids free Sunday. Children under 7 are admitted free everyday with the purchase of an adult registration. Children under 7 do not need to buy a ticket or register. Children under 13 must be with an adult at all times.

Can I bring my mom or grandma?
Yes! They need a ticket to enter convention space, but to make it easier we give you an automatic $5 discount to anyone over 40 registering with at least two relatives under 18. This discount is only valid online on weekend tickets, and only if you register together.

Is there a discount for educators or teachers?
To make it easier for school groups to attend, teachers, or other licensed educators who are chaperoning a school group, can register for our convention for free by emailing us at least 35 days before the convention. We encourage groups to bring their teachers. Unfortunately since our convention reaches such a wide audience, only those individuals employed by a school/university/etc at least half-time are eligible for free admission.

Where do I get my badge/ticket?
You must pick up your badge (or buy one) at the registration desk, they will not be mailed. We request that you provide photo ID if you have pre-registered. There will be separate lines for pre-registration and at-con registration, please be sure to find the correct line.

How do I get registration confirmation?
We will email you with confirmation of your registration soon after registering, in most cases. Please save your PayPal receipt, as it can also serve as confirmation of your registration. You only need your ID to pick up your badge/ticket, you don't need your email (though it may speed up the process).

I pre-registered and can't make it this year, can I get a refund?
We try to have a generous refund policy. We can send you a refund, minus a $5 fee each, if the refund is requested soon enough after registering, but not when the convention is too close. We do not allow badges/tickets to be resold, given away, or otherwise transferred to other individuals. See the complete policy.

Why should I pre-register?
Pre-registration helps us estimate the number of attendees we will have, and it helps us pay for things in advance. If you pre-register, we can invite more guests, buy more food for our ConSweet if we have one, plan more entertainment, and a lot more. Oh, and you save money.

What do my convention registration costs go towards?
Your registration payments are used for a number of purposes to facilitate holding the convention, such as paying the hotel or convention center, bringing in VIP guests of honor, screenings of anime, and getting equipment used during the convention. Early registration gets a discount, as we are often able to lower costs when we can more accurately estimate the number of people attending in advance. Your registration fees also help us put a large number of hours each week into planning the event.

What if I have questions about other things?
If your question is not answered, please check our website for a section that may answer your question. Only if you can not find the answer online, you should contact us.

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2013: 5,100+ attendees.
2014: 8,000+ attendees.
2015: 10,500+ attendees.
2016: 12,000+ attendees.
2017: 14,000+ attendees.
2018: 14,500+ attendees.
2019: 16,000+ attendees.
2020: Postponed
2021: 14,000+ attendees.
2022: 15,000+ attendees.

Cheap & Fun!

  • Super low registration prices.
  • Amazing guest signings and concert performances all weekend.
  • Free ramen and soda for all at our ConSweet at the Embassy Suites.
  • 100+ panels, workshops, and events throughout the convention.
  • Over 20 guests, DJs, and performers.
  • Rooms starting at $150/night+.

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