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July 4 - 6, 2025

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Anime Characters Swordfighting
Some official artwork.
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Anime Midwest Tickets Are On Sale

Tickets are available now for an incredible weekend of anime, cosplay, concerts, comedy, music, gaming, and beyond. Early bird discount tickets are sold, with better prices available the sooner you get your tickets. Enjoy an incredible weekend of anime with us.

Anime Experience

Anime Experience

Experience the love and wonder of anime with countless vendors, cosplayers, and creators.
Music Events

Music Festival

Enjoy amazing, heart-stopping concert performances, nerdcore music, and dance events.

Cosplay World Crown

Some of the greatest cosplayers will perform on our amazing stages to compete for the Crown title.
Meeting Guests

Guest Meeting

Meet some of the most creative, influential, and cool people in the anime industry.
Fan Run Panelists

Fan-Run Con

Hell, you can run some of these events. Do it. It'll be fun. Go wild. ** Not too wild.
Sword Demo

Swordsmanship Demos

See cool demonstrations of Samurai swords and ancient sword-fighting techniques.
Giant Stage Lights

A Big Stage

Our Grand Stage is pretty enormous and can support some amazing musical acts.
An Experience

Fan Experience

Get close to your favorite performers, buy signed merch and get stuff autographed.
Getting Autographs

Get Autographs

Meet some incredible voice actors from all kinds of anime and video games. Get your program book or badge signed for free.

Costume Competitions

We give cosplayers the chance to win prizes in some great competitions events.
Exhibit Hall Photo

Exhibit Hall

Massive exhibit hall selling everything anime, comic books, sci-fi, gaming, and nerdy.
Video Gaming Photo

Gaming Event

Compete in video game tournaments, win prizes, make friends, and show your skills.
Sports Cosplayers

Sports Club

See all those sports uniforms? Yes. We've got all kinds of sports represented here.
Samurai Dan

Overexcited Swordsman

See that guy? That's Samurai Dan. Why does his wife let him play with sharp stuff?
Medieval Cosplayer Assassins Creed

Medieval Hospital

We're so concerned about your health we've got these needles. Get your flu shot here.

Cosplay Meetups

Cosplayers from some of the most popular shows and games will meetup here.
Audio Engineer

Well Mixed

The audio at our major events is usually mastered by people who know what they're doing.
Photography Team

Great Photographers

Our photographers, like Rick Drew Photography, take amazing photos throughout the event.

Big Celebration

Celebrate all the amazing reasons to be a nerd, be an anime fan, and be at Anime Midwest.

Fairy Party

Cosplay whatever you want. Look, here are some fairies. If only I could fly man. If only.

Butlers and Maids

Treat yourself to's maid cafe to get the truest royalty experience.

Playing DDR

Come play DDR until you drop. Okay, don't drop. But you can play for free. No coins needed.


Sing your favorite songs and show off with your friends and have a good time.

Ramen Noodles

We provide you unlimited all you can eat instant ramen. Because we care.


Get a dealer booth or an artist table and sell awesome stuff to this awesome crowd.

Soda Indulgence

Drink way too much soda to stay hyped up all weekend. Then drink water too, please.

You Selected

You being selected for something. We're pointing in the audience to you. Come up.

Mushroom Hunt

A great big mushroom hunt. Find mushrooms to get an extra life. Don't eat purples.

Rising Event

An event that is always rising, pointed up. See, look. Always pointing up.

Wa! Party

Forget Mario, this is more a Wario / Waluigi type of party event.

Anime Midwest is coming.

Click here to get your tickets.

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