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About Anime Midwest
Anime Midwest is a three-day anime con with tons of anime events, organized by fans for fans. We have lots of cosplay events, several anime screenings, free Mt. Dew for all congoers, lots of panels, video game events, and a lot more. Our Chicago anime con will bring together thousands of fans to celebrate Japanese animation, and some other fandoms, over a three-day-long weekend.

We started a new anime convention in Chicago in 2011 after nearly a year of advanced planning, designing and organization building, with a goal to bring a new kind of fun to fans in Chicago. As the second anime convention in Chicago, the first Anime Midwest was a test-run to try out new ideas, invite new awesome guests (like GLaDOS) and start building a community.

In the picture you will see senior organizers Ryan (right), Erica (left), Zio (center). We are working to build a convention by-fans and for fans - that is more fun than anything else you could do with your summer. We've built a convention unlike any other - we have guests from both Japan and the US, a top-notch masquerade and fashion show, and a ton of grand events.'s anime conventions are organized in chief by Ryan Kopf. The organization spends all of its time focused on organizing conventions and building a community for like minded fans.

We hope you'll join us for the next year, which promises to bring thousands of Otaku together for a weekend-long celebration of fandom, filled with cosplay, gaming, and fun! We are Anime Midwest: by fans, for fans.

Getting In Contact
To get in contact with our staff, your best bet is to directly email contact AT However, many questions can be answered on our website. For example, you can check if you already registered, or if you can get a refund, simply by logging in from the registration page. This will give you the tools to manage and view your registrations anytime. If you want to submit a guest, see the link below instead. If you have questions about our events and schedule, check out those pages first. If you still have questions, we are more than happy to help you.

Special Thanks
A huge thanks to other cons for hosting our program book advertisement and letting us get the word out to even more fans in the region.

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Staff are the backbone of your fun convention experience. These folks give up their time freely in order to help others have a great time. If you want to give your time to the convention to have a fun experience, click here to apply.

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