Photographers Policy

Photography is a big part of the con. Expect to have your picture taken! encourages photo-taking at our events, with the permission of the person whose photo is being taken. Photographers may not take photos of individuals without their permission, except in obvious group photo settings such as meetups and photoshoots.

Backdrops: Photographers may not set up photobooths or backdrops in convention space without permission from the convention. Photographers who do not charge anything to view, download, or print their photos may be given permission if space is available at the convention's discretion. Photographers seeking to charge for photos with a backdrop must have an exhibitor booth.

Paid Photoshoots: Photographers may not solicit paid photoshoots in convention spaces on-site unless they have an exhibitor booth. They may not solicit photoshoots on our official mediums, but are welcome to post on their own Tumblr/Facebook/etc pages.

Press Badges: If you have a press badge, you may not sell anything during the convention. It is considered abuse to get a free press badge and then sell paid photoshoots.

Selling Stuff: Generally you can only sell stuff, such as photos, if you're a paid, registered exhibitor. Otherwise, you are unfairly competing with paying exhibitors. Further, we need to collect certain information about your business for tax purposes if you sell something - that's why only exhibitors can advertise services "for sale" at the convention.

If you work for a news organization or website, see our press policies.

Permission to use photos.
By attending, you grant permission to the convention to use photographs that we (the convention and our staff) take of you for publicity purposes, such as advertising the convention. The cooler your costume, the more likely that is to happen! :D

Photographers and members of the press must get your consent to take photos of you, and we also ask that they get your consent to use such photos for any commercial purpose. Newspapers and reporters may take photos of cosplayers and cosplay groups to report on convention activities.

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