Steam Powered Giraffe Shows

Anime Midwest is very excited to present Steam Powered Giraffe! SPG will be performing at Anime Midwest in their very own concert, open exclusively to the people attending our epic Chicago anime convention.

SPG's show night will be one time, either on Friday or Saturday TBD.

When will the SPG show be?
Friday evening or Saturday evening, sometime between 6pm and 10pm.

How do I get the best seats?
Details are tentative and in progress. They might change. Check back here!
We'll be doing our usual "Neverending Concert!" series. This means that if you're there for the earlier concerts, you are already in. All the sound checks will be already done, and we'll have an epic music lineup. There is no room-clear between concerts.

A special area will be reserved at the front of the stage for platinum badge holders. Platinum badges get you access to this space, but space is limited.

Is there anything but the concerts?
The band will be doing a Q&A and autograph signings also. Come to their panel to learn about "What is a Steam Powered Giraffe?"

Do I need a ticket to attend the concert?
The concert is open to anyone who is an Anime Midwest attendee. A weekend pass costs less than the price of admission to any major theme park, and is cheaper the earlier you register. Online registration is quick and easy, and is done with Paypal or a credit card.

When should I arrive?
You should plan to arrive at least 5 hours prior to the concert, if you can. You will need to wait in line for registration, and then line up for the concert. At other conventions, registration has taken over three hours. We have a highly advanced (and fast) registration system and two backup plans, so we expect registration to take less than thirty minutes, however as the number of attendees is unpredictable, we can't be sure. Please do come early.

Can I attend just the concert?
We will be selling one-day-only passes at the convention, however the price is not that much cheaper than a weekend pass if you register early enough. We encourage you to consider attending for all three days - especially as you will miss out on other panels with Steam Powered Giraffe band members if you don't.

In short, there are a ton of cool things happening. You'll find we have one of the best conventions in the world, and you won't be bored by hanging out with us. If you don't like anime, we have multiple Steampunk panels every day, foam weapon battling, Samurai swordsmanship classes, Karaoke, a couple other great concerts, and unlimited free Mountain Dew. There's no better place to meet other SPG fans in the world. Advance all-weekend registration also has another benefit - faster check-in at the convention.

Can I get a front-row seat?
We have Platinum upgrades for people who want to be the first in the door. We're sectioning off a special near-the-stage area for platinum badge holders, but even this space is limited.

Can I buy a Steam Powered Giraffe CD?
They will have a merch table at the concert, so yes!

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