Game Tournaments

Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping gaming experience at Anime Midwest's Game Tournaments! Our convention brings together passionate gamers from all over to compete in exciting tournaments featuring a variety of popular games. While the specific lineup of games may not be determined until a week or two prior to the convention, we always strive to include fan favorites like Super Smash Brothers.

To stay updated on the tournament information, we highly recommend checking our convention's official schedule, where we will provide the complete schedule of events, including the game tournaments. Make sure to regularly visit our events page for the latest updates and to find out when the schedule has been posted.

Past tournaments: Smash, Mortal Kombat, Joust, Mario Kart, Guilty Gear, Street Fighter V, Pokemon

What is Anime Midwest?

Anime Midwest is a premier convention dedicated to celebrating Japanese animation, pop culture, and entertainment. It is a vibrant gathering that brings together anime enthusiasts, cosplayers, gamers, artists, and fans from all walks of life. This event provides a unique platform for individuals to immerse themselves in the world of anime and engage in a wide range of activities and experiences.

At Anime Midwest, attendees can indulge in their love for anime by exploring a vast array of exhibits, panels, workshops, and screenings. From the latest anime releases to classic favorites, there is something for everyone. The convention offers opportunities to meet renowned voice actors, participate in insightful discussions, and discover the latest trends in the anime industry.

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