Panels list. | Major Events

Thursday 5pm-7pm
Friday 10am-8pm
Saturday 10am-6:30pm
Sunday 10am-3pm
Dealers Room
Friday 1pm-8pm
Saturday 10am-7pm
Sunday 10am-5pm
ConSweet at Embassy Suites
Friday 11am-10pm
Saturday 10am-10pm
Sunday 10am-2pm
Maid Cafe (tix required)
Friday 3:30pm-9:00pm
Saturday 11:30am-8:00pm
Sunday 12:00pm-3:00pm (last seating)
Gunpla Hobby Hangout
Friday 2pm-12am
Saturday 10am-12am
Sunday 10am-5pm
Cosplay Repair
Friday 1pm-6pm
Saturday 11am-6pm
Sunday 11am-2pm
Karaoke 1
Friday 5pm-8pm
Saturday 5pm-8pm
Sunday 12pm-3pm
Karaoke 2
Friday 8pm-2am
Saturday 8pm-2am
Sunday NA
Laser Tag Arena
Friday 1pm-7pm
Saturday 11am-7pm
Sunday 11am-3pm
Escape Room (Tickets)
Friday 10am-9pm
Saturday 10am-9pm
Sunday 10am-3pm
Panels & Events
Friday 2pm-2am
Saturday 10am-2am
Sunday 10am-5pm
Con Ops
Friday 9am-3am
Saturday 9am-3am
Sunday 9am-6pm
Artists Alley
Friday 1pm-8pm
Saturday 10am-7pm
Sunday 10am-4pm
Arcade Gaming
Friday 2pm-2am
Saturday 10am-2am
Sunday 10am-5pm
Tabletop Gaming
Friday 2pm-12am*
Saturday 10am-12am*
Sunday 10am-5pm
* Hours will vary based on activity levels.
Autograph Signings
Friday 4pm-8pm
Saturday 11am-5pm
Sunday 11am-3pm
*Guests usually have one 1-hour autograph scheduled each day.
The schedule for this convention may not be finished. Check again later. The full schedule is usually finished 3-4 weeks before the event.

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