Press & Industry Registration

Press Overview

Our convention welcomes members of the media who are interested in covering and reporting on the convention. Newspapers, TV outlets, and popular fandom websites are invited to our convention. We provide complimentary press passes to members of the media who plan to report on the convention in some kind of broadcast media (blog, news article, radio, tv show) and can verify their credentials with a legitimate reporting organization or solid website following.

We can not provide complimentary press passes for individuals who are not planning to develop editorial or photographic coverage of the convention. Documentary filmmakers, private photographers, etc, can not be given press passes. Please contact us for additional informaiton if you wish to cover the convention. Please include your publication name, years of operation, chief editors name & email, and your name & email.

Press Rules

Press badges enable individuals and organizations to report on the convention. They do not provide special privileges and you should avoid being in the way of our production and staff crews during the convention, or doing anything that would disrupt events. Interrupting events, abusing your privileges, or not cooperating with our staff can result in loss of your press pass and denial of future applications.

Industry Overview

Sometimes individuals who work directly in the anime and related industries can obtain complimentary admission to our events, but not in all cases. You generally must work in a role actually related to our conventions. Often we also request that you share some of your knowledge with our convention, such as by doing a panel on what it's like to be in your position in the industry.

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